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The Environment

The ‘Greenest Brick’ is green because it is made from the pressurized bi-products of coal-power plants saving energy and cutting down on pollutants. Instead of bi-products being released into the environment, or disposed of through costly means, they are recycled into bricks.

The inventor of this technology, Dr Henry Liu, has found a way to compress this waste product into fly-ash bricks that are eco-friendlier than their clay counterparts.

Unlike clay bricks, these bricks aren’t fired in kilns, burning fossil fuels. This means less dependency of natural resources and less polluting emissions, and so the process is more environmentally friendly and the cost of producing bricks reduced significantly.

The brick is made of pure fly ash without having to add any cement, sand, aggregates, clay or binder. The fly ash is mixed with an aeration agent & water and then compacted. The bricks conserve energy as they are cured at room temperature and can be used like conventional clay bricks to build houses, offices and factories.

The Greenest Brick has the following patents pending:

1. U.S. patent - application No. 11/307023
2. International Patent Cooperation Treaty - application No. PCT/US 06/06314)
3. European Patent - application No. 06735820.0-1213