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Every year coal-fired power plants dump millions of tons of their bi-product fly ash into landfills, spending millions disposing of it.

The building industry currently use conventional clay-fired bricks and cement that require large amounts of heat and electricity in production that also results in a profound effect on the environment.

However, it is now possible to recycle the fly ash bi-product to produce bricks and associated products that ensures our air will be cleaner, our buildings stronger and building costs significantly reduced. The ‘Greenest Brick’ is the trademark name for this innovative product.

Building companies are constantly looking at ways in which they can improve their environmental performance, reduce costs and make their processes more efficient. The Green Brick Company (GBC) can help them achieve these objectives with the Greenest Brick, produced in an environmentally responsible manner delivering considerable benefits to the building industry, the coal industry, the user and most importantly our planet.

GBC’s innovative use of fly ash in the manufacture of high quality building materials decreases the environmental impact of coal-fired bi-products and meet the publics demand for greener building materials. This new technology is being brought to the UK initially applied to the production of bricks although other applications will follow.
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