What I wanted for Christmas

Thats it, time is nearly up on another year as the clock draws closer to the end of 2010.

Did everyone get what they wanted for christmas. The older you get the more detached you seem to get from the emotional sense of christmas and more tuned into the overpowering sense of commercialism related to the annual event.  However this year was different as i did have a present i really wanted for xmas. An automatic road paving machine.

Not for everyone, granted, but for us as we are looking at developing Green Pavers for the market, and we like to use the phrase follow the green brick road, imagine how much quicker we would get there with this machine laying them. I love modern man and his ability to mechanise just about everything.

Check out the video to see this machine at its best.

Please will you get me one for next Christmas. I promise i will be a good boy.


Tags: Building Materials, Sustainable Building

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