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About us

In 2004, under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Freight Pipeline Company (FPC) in the USA
conducted extensive R&D into using fly ash to make bricks. The process was invented by Dr. Henry Liu and developed by researchers and engineers at FPC.

Whilst fly ash had been utilized in brick, block and cement manufacturing for some time, the FPC study produced a brick
manufactured from 100% pure fly ash waste material without the need to add cement, sand, aggregates, clay or binder. The fly ash brick developed passed the same U.S. high standards on clay bricks that included freeze-thaw resistance but was at a
lower cost and environmentally friendly.

Green Brick Company Ltd (GBC) was incorporated in the UK in April of 2008 with the aim of bringing this innovative technology to the UK to manufacture high quality building materials that would have a lower impact on the environment and support the increasing demand for greener building materials.

Our aim and objective is to introduce ‘certified’ low cost ecologically friendly building materials to the UK market. Building products that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner with the following commercial benefits:

Cost effective to produce
Financially viable to utilise
Eco friendly - reducing carbon emissions, preserving natural resources and reducing landfill

We believe that the Green Brick Company can answer the environmental problem that currently exists in the UK building industry, i.e. ‘How can our business operate profitably whilst still caring for the planet?’

The first venture into this concept is the ‘The Greenest Brick’. It is the result of a comprehensive investigation into developing new environmental brick technology. The Green Brick Company are working closely with our US partners to identify the key factors required to make this technology available to the UK Market as well as developing new associated products.